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Rupriikki is closed. We open at Museum Centre Vapriikki in October 2015.

Rupriikki Media Museum

Rupriikki Media Museum’s three permanent exhibitions Our Daily Media, Black on White and Weaving the Net present the history of mass communications, and the role of media in our everyday lives. The museum covers a wide range of topics, from the history of printing and networking, the DIY ethic, hacking and gaming culture to the ways social media has existed since the 16th century and the role of media in sports and politics.

The exhibitions provide lots of hands on experiences. Visitors can try their skills at developing pictures in a darkroom, calling with a rotary dial telephone and sending telegrams. It is also possible to try out classic arcade games with the Rupriikki Game Cabinet!

The museum also offers a free mobile audio guide called Guidio to its visitors.

The museum operates in association with the City of Tampere, Aamulehti (Finnish newspaper published in Tampere), the University of Tampere and Pirkanmaan Journalistit ry (regional non-profit-making association of journalists). Through this exceptional partnership, the museum has gathered a large and valuable collection and deep and comprehensive expertise in both the past and the present of mass communications. Rupriikki Media Museum is a member of the traffic and communications museum association, Trafiikki ry.

Photo by: Jari Kuusenaho